Late birthday present

Arrived two days late, but it’s not that bad. At least it arrived, ahah. xD;; This could also be called “Mizy’s adventures in Yahoo!Japan” or “The Explanation for the sudden sewing spree”. :’D Box opening photos and lots and lots of babble incoming, ahah…

Yeah, so, I’ve been following a couple of auctions on Y!J and I decided to try bidding on one as the price was still quite low… recently I’ve seen this doll go for around ¥23000+ on Y!J, and eBay and around ¥16000 on Mandarake. I was able to put a bid in for ¥13000, which I thought was a good price, although I thought that if someone bids after me I wouldn’t bid again and wait for a better deal. So, I put my bid in 20 minutes before the end of the auction as usually people start bidding like crazy at the last 10-5 minutes of the auction… soo I nervously waited for the bid war to begin. But it never did and I won the auction, ahah. :’D So, then I had to make some money to make up for it and sewed a lot of neemo clothes for sale, lol. I still have plans to sew more, too.

But yeah, onto the photos:

The box was flat and very wide… usually I get higher boxes with a more rectangle shape, so this was new.
Lol ads. xD
Now it’s pretty obvious who it is. x3 Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Lycee~ ♥
Her position in the box was uncomfortable, poor thing. xD;
She still smelled brand new and her accessories were in their original packages. :3 My only complaint is that due to the awkward position in the box, her hair had become all wavy… but I can fix that easily with hot water, I’ve done that with my Yuzuha too. The straight fiber bends really easily, I’ve noticed.
Out of the box. :3 I love her mint + brown outfit so much, it’s probably my favourite of all the maid outfits! ♥
She has a cute face, although her smile seems a bit more… hmm, forced, compared to my other girls. More like a :> than :) if you get what I mean, ahah… also, the difference between her hair colour and eyebrows is much stronger in person than what it looks like in Azone’s photos. I’m a bit iffy about her eyebrows being so light… :S
Before I thought that all the girls have the same shoes so I was never sad that I didn’t get Yuzuha’s… but now with Lycee, I noticed that there is actually difference! Here’s Alisa’s shoe compared to Lycee’s. The latter has some minty colouring inside the shoes and the leather is darker, too. Also, the lace is pure white, while Alisa’s is ivory coloured. Now I wonder about Yuzuha’s shoes! I’m a sucker for tiny details like this and love Azone so much for paying so much attention to their dolls’ styling! x3 ♥
I had to compare Yuzuha’s hair to Lycee’s. I love how it’s a deep dark brown~ There are so few neemos with darker hair colours.

I was in a hurry so I didn’t have time to change Yumei into her uniform. Someday I need to take a group shot of my maids! ♥
I definitely love her outfit, but the doll itself I’m a bit uncertain about… I love her hair colour and style, as well as her eye colour, but those light eyebrows and mouth are kinda unfortunate… and her smile. But I’ll have to photograph her more and see how I feel about her. She brings variety to my collection with her dark hair, which is very welcome, though. :3 I guess it can’t always be love at first sight, but some dolls end up growing on me over time anyway, even if the first impression isn’t super positive. Hopefully she’ll fit right in soon~

I really like her Japanese name, Rise, so pretty early on I decided that if I’m able to get this particular version of Lycee, I’ll call her Rika. :3 ♥ The kanji that I chose for her name is 利嘉. The first kanji can mean “advantage, benefit, profit” and the latter “applaud, praise, esteem”. I feel that this particular combination of kanjis suits the character that I’ve been developing for her quite nicely~

I really like the Blueberry Ice DS version as well, and thanks to that I had an idea – I could make the DS version Rika’s alter ego. Like, she could have a secret identity as an idol. xD By day she is just a regular high school student, although I figured that she could be the owner of the maid café… since if she’s a successful idol, she could very well start a café of her own. She likes dressing up, so she occasionally wears the maid uniform as well. She isn’t always at the café due to her busy schedule, so Yumei and Akemi do the most work there. No one else knows that she is secretly a very popular idol, though. She likes to keep her private life, well, private, haha. xD But yeah, if I ever manage to get that blue haired version, I’ll be able to introduce the idol!Rika. xD I’m still a bit undecided on her idol name, but I have been thinking that it could be Lisa. It’s quite close to her name and sounds idol-like enough, in my opinion. But I’m not sure if/when I’ll be able to get the Blueberry Lycee, so I still have time to think about this~

Anyway, I’ll be going out of town for the rest of the week and taking Rika with me, so hopefully I can take a couple of photos and get to know her a bit better. :3

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