Last arrival of the year

When I wrote that summary of 2014 post, I WAS being serious when I said that I wouldn’t buy any new dolls this year, but… ahahahahah. ( ^▽^;) My grandma gave me money for Christmas, saying that I could buy whatever I wanted with it… aaaand I usually check the sites a couple of times a week to keep an eye on the market prices, so I happened to see a very reasonably priced Mio for sale at Mandarake and… … I’m such a bad, bad girl, I know. (ノ)´∀`(ヾ) But I just couldn’t resist! ♥

I regretted SO MUCH not pre-ordering her when I had the chance. I don’t even know why really, I guess I didn’t look at her closely enough — and I was busy hunting down Usagi-san Miu too — so her outfit didn’t seem very interesting to me. (」゚ペ)」 But when I saw owner photos, I realised what a lovely face she has and her outfit seemed really cute to me, too, especially the shirt, shoes and hairband. (´;д;`) ♥ ♥ ♥ And since I ended up getting both Mia and Miu, I just couldn’t imagine not getting the third sister. Especially since all three dolls’ haircolour (and style) go so well together… so they definitely look like sisters! And, well, Mio has the LL bust, so that tempted me as well, uhuhuhu~ ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) ♥ I generally prefer my girls busty, if it wasn’t obvious already…

But yeah, let’s put those box opening photos here before I ramble into the sunset, lol! They’re not very good because I only got to pick her up around 2pm (as I only got home a few hours earlier) and the light was fading away:

This time we had bubblewrap triangles as padding, lol!
Aaah, can almost see her~!!
Her box is really pretty, but in the end I didn’t have patience to photograph it in detail, ahah… I really like the shopping mall-like background. ( ´∀`)
Mio and all her things… she was brand new, still smelled like the factory, haha. But I suspect her cardigan has been opened before because it was in a different bag. But she’s pretty much brand-new, in any case. (⌒▽⌒)
She has terribly loose knees, so no fullbody. She wouldn’t stand on my carpet at all. (´Д`)

Then I quickly hurried to build a small set…

Ahh, she really is so pretty~ (´;ω;`) ♥ ♥ ♥

And later in the evening I tried some clothes on her… none of the tops that I have for my girls fit her, because of her large bust, lol! I need to make her some shirts of her own soon, ahah… I also braided her hair, I think she looks really lovely like this~ (●♡∀♡) ♥

Horrible quality, ugh…

I chose the name Kasumi for her because I’ve wanted to name someone that for a long time, haha~ Well, actually I had two options for her name, the other being Kaori, but when I saw her in person, I just kept thinking “Kasumi” every time I looked at her. She has such a gentle face, I think that the name suits her well.(*´▽`*)♥ I like to think of her as a certain type of anime big sister character… for example, Kasumi in Ranma½ and Lily in Rune Factory Oceans. A kind-hearted but a bit of a scatterbrained girl, who cares deeply for her younger sisters. (´ ▽`).。o♡

“Kasumi” can mean mist, but again… I went for something a little more unusual, I suppose. The kanji that I ended up choosing for her name is 佳寿美 because the middle kanji corresponds to her younger sisters’ names, 寿音 and 寿璃. That particular kanji is the one that can mean longevity or congratulations, as I’ve explained in her sisters’ box openings. The first kanji is for beautiful/good/excellent and the third one for beauty/autumn. So basically you could interpret her name meaning “long-living beauty” or something like that, haha.( ´∀`) Well, I don’t know if these really make any sense, since I’m by no means an expert in the Japanese language, but… well, I try anyway. (゜▽゜;)

Her knees really are horrible, though, even worse than Yumei’s! It’s especially bad because she’s so top heavy with her huge boobs, lol~ But I’ve been thinking about buying an L-type body and seeing if I can exchange the LL bust onto that… I’d want her to be taller than my other girls, since she’s the oldest. But we’ll see if that works out. I’ve been trying to find some side-by-side comparison photos and the L & M bodies seem similar in size, so I really hope that I can swap the torsos and make Kasumi a little bit taller. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Now I need to go and update her profile~


  • Valneanne

    Congrats! Kasumi is adorable (and the name seems to suit her really well too!)! Too bad about the knees though :/ Hopefully you’ll be able to change the bust out with another body and get both better knees and the appropriate height for her! Her hair looks really lovely too!

    And somehow that last picture made me think she was standing in front of a balcony or something until I scrolled down a bit and saw the keyboard xD But yeah, the top part of the picture kinda looks like the night sky so ^^;;

    • mizya

      Thank you~ :3 Yeah, she definitely insisted on being called Kasumi. xD Well, I don’t really mind as it’s a lovely name~ ♥

      I figured out a way to fix the knees a bit with hot glue, but I did order her the L-type body… now I’m just waiting for Amiami to invoice me on my order. They sent an email last Friday saying they’ll invoice me “shortly”, but they didn’t do that on Fri-Sat and Sun-Mon have been holidays, so… >-<;;; Hopefully tomorrow they finally will do that. I want to get the lovely kimono + hakama set that I ordered a forever ago, too. xD Damn Christmas and New Years holidays... ! *shakes fist* But yeah, hopefully I'll be able to get the L-body soon. I'm really curious to compare the L, M and S bodies in person. Haha, I wish I had a balcony! :'D I only have a French balcony and it isn't much... but I guess it's better than nothing. For my next apartment I'll definitely want a balcony, though, it would make customising dolls much easier. xD But yeah, unfortunately that's just a late night desk photo. :'3

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