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Towards the New Year

December 29th, 2015 | Posted by mizya in Azone | Blog related - (2 Comments)

I’ve been at my parents’ place since the 18th as I came to spend Christmas here. We had a very small celebration amongst just the family like every year… I much prefer that than any big parties. Not a fan of the commercial side of Christmas, it’s more about spending time with the family for …
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New arrival + more neemo lineups

December 16th, 2015 | Posted by mizya in Azone - (3 Comments)

Just a quick update… busybusy with a lot of things. Got a new arrival today… she was a rather spontaneous purchase because I happened upon a good deal and decided to make use of it. The arrival in question is Picconeemo Himeno~ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ♥ I’m not that big a fan of picconeemos ’cause their heads …
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Little Princess and Maid

December 10th, 2015 | Posted by mizya in Azone - (4 Comments)

I’d planned on getting the three backlogged box openings out of the way before this newest one, but… things don’t always go to plan I guess. (;´Д`) I’ve had lots of stuff to do lately, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day to do everything. I haven’t completely given up yet, though, …
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